Konstantinos Moatsos, Ambassador, Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in the Republic of Kenya

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the members of the Hellenic - Kenyan Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Tourism & Culture on their work and dedication in fostering the commercial ties between our countries. The establishment of the Hellenic - Kenyan Chamber, in 2014, marked the burgeoning interest of the business communities of both countries in finding new opportunities for cooperation and trade. Proof of this is the establishment of various Greek companies in Kenya and the increasing commercial activity of Kenyan companies in Greece.

The Embassy of Greece already acts as focal point for potential investors and entrepreneurs thus supporting the progress of recent years.

The latest accomplishment of the Hellenic - Kenyan Chamber is the launching of its online platform that will facilitate the communication and cooperation of its members in Greece and in Kenya.

I am of the opinion that the Chamber will continue its hard work in further promoting the bilateral relations of Kenya and Greece. In this light, I wish them good luck in their undertaking.