The Hellenic – Kenyan Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Development, Tourism & Culture was established in 2014 as a consequence of the continuously growing presence of Hellenic businesses in Kenya as well as of the augmenting interest of Kenyan entrepreneurs to invest in Hellas in several sectors. 


The Chamber (a non-profit association) aims to:

- Develop, support, promote & encourage the business relations between Hellene and Kenyan entrepreneurs and industrialists.

- Promote economic, cultural, social, educational and scientific relations between Hellas and Kenya.

- Establish closer ties between its members and the Hellenic and Kenyan communities in the two countries on the aforementioned fields.


The Chamber: 

Is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 (fifteen) members and elected every four years by the Regular (Electoral) General Assembly. For administrative purposes the Board of Directors sets up a Managing Committee.

Has its seat and headquarters located in Athens – Hellas;  branches may be established in any other city of Hellas or Kenya. 


The Chamber:

Co-operates with chambers and associations in Kenya, such as the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Kenya Private Sector Alliance etc.

Keeps close relations with the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kenya in the Hellenic Republic, the Embassy of Kenya in Rome and the Embassy of Hellas in Nairobi.