Our tasks

Τhe Chamber:

Organizes lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, missions, trips, exchanges of entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and other groups in order to raise awareness and inform stakeholders on the economic, cultural, social and scientific development of Hellas and Kenya.

Publishes leaflets, surveys and books that refer to the economy, culture and the relations between the two countries.

Organizes exhibitions of economic, scientific and artistic nature.

Makes the best of the capabilities of the Internet to develop and communicate the actions.

Makes contracts and agreements on behalf of its members, with sponsors, advertisers in its printed or other material, its website and, generally, in all the available and appropriate means of it and of its members. 

Forms insurance programmes and, in general, forms insurance guarantee funds or mutual funds for its members and manages these funds.

Establishes vocational training centres to organize seminar and lectures.  

Publishes books and other information materials periodic or not; it also creates and distributes any means recording information, sound and image (Dvds, Cds, etc.), as well as creates and manages electronic programmes and systems of electronic management and information.

Participates in national, African and / or European development programmes as well as in development programmes of international bodies, banks (UN, IMF, WB, EBRD, EBI, etc.) and of governments, for the benefit of its members as well as for the benefit of the two countries.

Carries out works related to imports and exports and manages sales and promotion of products or services.

Provides consultation and services, and distributes / promotes / delivers goods and products to businesses and individuals.

In general, the Chamber undertakes what it considers necessary and effective for the service and achievement of its objectives. To achieve its objectives, it may cooperate with governmental departments of the two countries as well as with other associations or legal entities having relevant aims.