Venizelos – Vassilis Georgios Katsikeas

Founding Member, Chairman and Secretary General of several Foundations, NGOs, Friendship Associations, International Institutes, Chambers, Associations and Federations. Born on 08.07.1952 in Kalamata, Greece. He graduated from the Lycée Leonin of Athens (French High School). He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics, Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki. He speaks Greek, English, French, Italian, and Bulgarian. Founder, Chairman and principal shareholder of a group of companies with a wide range of activities in Western and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, the Black Sea countries, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Special adviser to Ministerial Governments, Chambers, and Municipalities. Publisher of magazines and publications for Chambers, Associations, Unions, Organizations. Organized, co-organized and/or participated actively in national and international conferences, Seminars, Campaigns, Forums, Events, Meetings, with subjects concerning politics, cultural, economic and educational co-operation of states/countries and peoples, sustainable development, preservation and promotion of world cultural heritage, eradication of poverty, infant mortality, unemployment, social inequality, violence, governmental or not. Participated as a delegate - Rapporteur in International Political Forums and meetings for peace as well as meetings on regional security and development, he gave numerous lectures at national and international meetings and conferences. He wrote monographs, articles, essays, political - economic analyses and cultural issues on national and international level. Participated as a member in business mission trips with the President, the Prime Minister and Ministers of the Hellenic Republic which had significant results. He has been honored by various Governments with 3 Supreme Decorations, 6 Medals and 11 International Awards. Special distinction: award of the Grand Cross of the Cyril and Methodius Order - first class. During his professional, political and cultural activities, he had bilateral and multilateral contacts with: 98 Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Ministers and leaders of political parties of 52 states (countries), commissioners of the European Union, 8 Heads of Orthodox Churches, Mayors of 114 capitals of countries and other major Greek and foreign historical cities.